Thursday, February 3, 2011

'Progressive' Racists Want to Lynch a Black SC Justice

At a ‘progressive’ rally in Palm Springs, demonstrators called for Clarence Thomas to be lynched, strung up, tortured, mutilated, and sent back to the fields. Clearly, outrageous racist comments laced with spoken acts of violence.

The “Uncloaking the Kochs” rally was sponsored by Common Cause, AFFCE, The Ruckus Society, 350, Greenpeace, Code Pink, the Progressive Democrats of America, and others. The event was staged outside venue of Koch Brothers conference.

Watch the video, notice who is there and who is making these outrageous comments.
No, not people from the Tea Party.

These are white 'progressives', young and old, some even carry 'rainbow' flags of the Gay/Lesbian movement.

These are the people that are hidden by the Main Stream Media. The same MSM that will make false accusations about 'unfounded' racism supposedly from the Tea Party.

This is hate speech on camera, against a sitting SC Justice. But where is the DOJ on this matter? Perhaps, hiding behind Obama's cloak of ignorance and deception.

And where is the NAACP? Why aren't they calling for a boycott of this racist town of Palm Springs?

It's a double standard in America, one that was created by the deception of the left.


Unknown said...

You wonder, where are all the NY Times OpEd's, the MSNBC'ers and all the rest who were calling us haters, racist, despicable Americans and such.
These are the type of people who were calling for Bush's demise, and they are still here.

They are no better the radical Islam, as far as I am concerned.

Chris said...

I was just going to look for this video. The left-wing are as violent as ever and they are looking to spill some blood. This video Brieghtbart did to show what is in the liberal mind and heart tells us all we need to know. Mark they are not only no better then radical Islam they are in bed with radical Islam as well. But what they don't understand is Islam will take their "infedel" head along with ours once they have become useless to them.

Anonymous said...

They are fucking idiots. Your right, we have idiots and bigots on our side TOO!

Should that mitigate the racism on the right? Does pointing out that others have bigots make your bigots go away?

No. Thats why i stay away from these things, the political rallys of either side. Because they bring out idiots, bigots and hateful people.

Perhaps they thought they were attending a McCain -Palin campaign stop?

AdamsPatriot said...

Joe, can you provide me or direct me to a video or documented quote of any event or person of the right or Tea Party that has shown bigotry?

I would be encouraged to put it right along side of this video of racists and call out for them to be admonished as I do these people of the left.

However, if you cannot fill this request then maybe you should stop demeaning people who could be innocent of your accusations.

BTW, Breitbart still has that offer of $100,000 out there for that video I am asking of you. You could really case in on this or maybe donate it to a worth cause!

Thanks for your help!

Chris said...

A-P, they can't give any proof because their is none. They just feel that way, thus in their minds and hearts it must be true. The facts just get in their way.

Amusing Bunni said...

This is disgraceful, and what's worse is the MSM ignoring it.
It this had been said by a supposed "tea party" member, it would be running non stop on all the news channels 24/7, pushing Egypt off, no doubt.

I see you have crazy trolls posting on your great blog! Congrats, you have Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, I've put you on mine as well! God Bless and remember, the delete and block buttons are your friends! There is no arguing w/ lib trolls, they don't listen to reason, non do they want to hear it, they just are trolls! I don't waste my time responding to their imbecilic comments. They are funny though ;-)

Unknown said...

Nothing, I mean nothing has been reported on this in the MSM, Bunni. Thank God for the internet, right?
Yes I sure do have a troll.... everyone should own one or two. LOL.
And thank you for adding me on your roll, sure do appreciate it.