Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Illinois Governor Welshes on a Bet

Before the NFC Championship game, Governor Pat Quinn made a bet with Governor Walker of Wisconsin that if the Bears lost the game, he would volunteer at the Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin food distribution center to fulfill his losing wager with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, wearing a Packers jersey, and Walker placed the same bet, except, obviously wearing a Bears jersey.

But Quinn has backed out of his bet, for now.
Quinn's reasoning, “In light of the very serious issues that the state of Wisconsin is trying to work through right now, the governor felt the timing was not necessarily ideal and that it would be more appropriate to find a better date,” Quinn spokeswoman Annie Thompson said.

To top it off, it was never planned that both Governors would appear together at the food bank.

Please, when does helping to feed the hungry get under cut by a politics?

To top it off, Quinn is appreciative of the 14 Wisconsin Democrat Senators of staying, dinner, and enjoying Illinois fine hotel establishments "as long as they need to be here"

Lesson learned, never bet with a liberal!


Amusing Bunni said...

Gov. jello is the biggest jerk ever. Too bad he didn't welsh on his campaign promises to RAISE OUR TAXES. That one he kept, the bum.

Anonymous said...

Are you really castigating him for delaying this? I mean really. Does it matter when he volunteers?

Now if he never goes through with it, i think you have a case, but not for a delay.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

A man's word is to be just that, HIS WORD and if any man cannot be held to that very simple standard then they are not worthy of being referred to as a man, period.

Unknown said...

Right on Bunni. that tax jump just hit my paycheck and the money as suppose to go to pay off the mounting bills the state has. NOW, Quinn welshes on that and want to "Borrow" the money to pay it off. LOL the guys a joke.

AdamsPatriot said...

Mark, now if I paste Joe's earlier response here and change the wording slightly it would look like this....

"Are you really castigating him for delaying this? I mean really. Does it matter when he pays off the bills?"

"Now if he never goes through with it, i think you have a case, but not for a delay".

I don't know, it sounded funny to me!

Unknown said...

Joe, I be willing to 'bet' (pun intended) he will never go through with it, for one simple reason. Walker, along with the Wisconsin Senate Republicans, will never back down and will make collective bargaining illegal for some state workers.
Quinn, IMO, will never go through with it.
He backed down once.

Unknown said...

Excellent point, Christopher. But of course, I never did trust the mans word from the get go.

Unknown said...

LOL, AP. It sounds like Joe/Quinn to me. :)

Anonymous said...

Adams, since you like the bill analogy so much can i ask a simple question?

Did the bet stipulate a time frame for it to be done, like a contract for credit cards or mortgage? Without a prearranged time your bill analogy comes up short.

If you have any evidence that he new of the time frame he was to pay off the bet and he's avoiding it then i would agree with you. but without that i still think its a bullshit attack on a man you dislike for other reasons. Its petty and bush league.

And yes, before you respond lefties have been petty and Bush too, so we can just discuss the issue.

AdamsPatriot said...

Joe, I guess you missed it. It was a joke. The joke is, no matter what Mark posts you'll be the opposite.
As I said I thought it was funny. But the thing that is really funny about this whole post is ...who really cares about the subject matter and why should it take all this debate over something so trivial.
Defend the left no matter how trivial it is.
You seem wound a bit too tight. Sorry to offend!

Unknown said...

Joe, Quinn is the one who brought this out. He was the one who said he would not fulfill is end of the bargain and has not state if he will based on things that have taken place in Wisconsin. As I see it, QUINN is making this whole thing political, not me.