Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1st Wisconsin Dems, now Indiana Dems Leave Their State

I don't see how anyone, outside of union members, could ever vote for the Democrats again.

Another group of Lawmakers, now in Indiana, have walked off the job and fled that state to avoid a bill from being voted on in their state legislation, and are hiding out in Urbana IL.
What is it with Illinois?
Oh, right, they have a friend in Springfield, IL. Forgot!

Is this a '5 year old' epidemic, or what?
They were elected to a job, and they need to held accountable for hijacking the state on conduct it's important business

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Anonymous said...


Chris said...

These Democrats are anti-government and anti-democracy and should be fired. Republicans need to take it all because if they only go half way the unions will go after them, if they don't give increases. No matter what, the unions will protest. So Republicans might as well push it all the way with these unions.

Anonymous said...

Thank God there is someone standing up to the conservatives and there attempt to undermine the rights of workers. If leaving is the best way to battle those that hate our freedoms and rights then hallelujah thankfully they are there to do it.

Mark, Happy Mayor Rahm day. Gonna party tonight.

Unknown said...

Thanks Anon, just shows Walker was right.

Unknown said...

If the Dems don't get back to doing what they were elected to do, pink slips go out soon and the left just screwed their major supporters, Chris

Unknown said...

Standing up? You mean standing down. As these parasites are AWOL from their job.
You and me, Joe, walking off the job, we'd end up on the unemployment line.
These clowns (children, really) need the same treatment.

Anonymous said...

Mark whatever it takes to turn the tide on rights destroying conservatives.

How you doing on that No-Bid energy clause and the takeover of Medicare from the legislature by the Gov? Seems like he's only interested in a huge power grab to me. then in the prank call he talks about all the other states like he's got a vested interest in them. Why? He doesn't have any economic interest. It does seem however that he has an conservative ideological interest in breaking unions.

I would like to ask this. If Obama got the dems during their majority to pass a bill taking control of Medicare funding out of Congress's hands what would you think? Would you believe that he only had the best interest of the Nation at heart?

AdamsPatriot said...

Democrats incapabile of debate, so they flee.
Democrats ONLY serve the special interest of union bosses, not the state so they flee.
Democrats seek ideology and cannot fulfill the will of the people, so the flee.
Democrats flee to hide under Quinn's apron, because they fear real justice.
And now, American's finally see the cowards which are truly the Democrats!