Friday, March 1, 2013

You Can't Blame Republicans For Sequestration

A Vote on cloture on sequestration was taken yesterday before the Senate voted to recess until Monday 3/4/2012.

On Cloture on the Motion to Proceed S. 16

This was a vote on “cloture”, which means to end debate so that an up-or-down vote can be taken. A vote in favor is a vote to end debate and move to a vote on the issue itself, while a vote against is a vote to prolong debate or to filibuster.

Look at the results-

As you can see, S. 16 was a bill to provide for a sequester replacement, and it gave the Obama administration another 2 weeks to do his job by sitting down with Congress to come up with an negotiate alternative to the Budget Control Act of 2011. 

SO The Democrat majority in the Senate voted down to end debate, and bring to the floor a vote of a replacement plan from the President to permanent cancel the $85B sequestration! When the Senate has a clear majority of Democrats to pass an up or down vote on any bill.

If you continue to hear Democrats trying to lay the blame of sequestration at the feet of both the House and the Republicans in the Senate, and they say the Republicans are the party who brought sequestration to reality, you can refer them to this blog post.

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ChristopherConservative said...

Looking good here Mark!

Now onto your post:

Of course the socialists, and RINO's for that matter, will blame republicans but I believe we are past that point in the minds of Americans even aware of this sequestration.

From this point on the cuts are really in Obamas hands and as such, if he chooses to hurt the American people and not gut unnecessary government programs/staff, he will bear the full responsibility.

dljohnson57 said...

Great Post Mark.
Her is a graphic that speaks to your subject matter!

Mark Adams said...

I don't know Christopher about "we are past this" when we still have the MSM bellowing this crap out

Reuter spews this out there, from my link "Congress is getting an earful about the big spending cuts beginning to hit government services"

BIG SPENDING CUTS???? $44B (and thats the true number this year) of
$3.4T. The only reason polls show that "most Americans blame Republicans
rather than Obama" is because they are not given the truth by the MSM,
as in this case. AND Americans are not paying attention to what is
REALLY happening in DC.

You and I know this is on Obama hands, but the MSM is out there uniforming the American people, like the crap from the link.

And thanks for the Disqus suggestion. Like it better. Thanks

Mark Adams said...

LOL! Thanks, DL. True, OH so true! :)

ChristopherConservative said...

Anecdotal here, but as I speak with what I consider die-hard MSM 'fans' [read; UAW coworkers] I always throw in the MSM and their parroting White House talking points.

In the past I was rebuffed as a parrot myself (expected) but that has now changed. I do not credit myself mind you as I am quite perplexed and yet pleased by this situation.

What I see as a reason for the above at least in Michigan is the constant talk of the recent Right To Work legislation here giving more voice to those who thought they had none.

Again this is but anecdotal but like the sequester it is a start.

Blame be damned, in my neck of the woods people are indeed talking and to do that takes thinking and in summation; that is a good start indeed.

p.s. - The MSM loses.

Mark Adams said...

You've got it made in MI, Christopher. Especially with right to work now in play. Now I read Obama is "willing to take SS/Medicare/Medicaid cuts in exchange for cutting deductions for the top 2%, as the GOP wants" (That according to the MSM) Of course, the GOP want SS/Medicare/Medicaid reform, not cuts, but that is how Obama is spinning it. What a cluster of crap, of the going ons in Washington.