Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be Prepared For A New Attack on the GOP

The Violence against Woman Act was renewed by congress and rewrites the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA), which was struck down by the SCOTUS, and the new legislation was opposed by conservative Republicans, who objected to extending the Act's protections to same-sex couples and to provisions allowing battered illegal aliens to claim temporary visas.

And even though on February 12, 2013, the Senate passed an extension of the Violence Against Women Act by a vote of 78-22. On February 28, 2013, the House of Representatives passed the extension by a vote of 286-138, with unanimous Democratic support and 87 Republicans voting in the affirmative, you would think this would be a bipartisan law and the left would move on, on this.


Now they are going after those who voted against it in the House.
Think Progress and MSNBC are trying to make the GOP, at least some, look like they were opposed to the now law, because they are OK with woman being battered, as you can see from the picture inset, here.

Now in defense of Masha Blackburn, and as you will take notice of in the video, she refers to "When you start to make this about other things, you make it a targeted act... I didn't like it when it was expanded to other different groups"

You know the group she is talking about? Illegal aliens to claim temporary visas.
Her vote against it had NOTHING to do with being against battered woman, but the Dems back handed attempt to give illegal aliens a temporary visa that lies with in the law.

I was wondering when the socialist left was going to get around to twisting this in to something that it's NOT!

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