Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012 Election- Fraudulent Shenanigans

Was our nation hijacked by fraud this past 2012 election?
The answer looks and points to the word "Yes"
As reported on the Blaze, and confirmed by newspapers in Cleveland and Philly, that a major swath of those two cities had 0, that's right ZERO votes for Romney.

Below is a picture of the Cuyahoga County map of it districts.
Plain Dealer
The vote, incredibly, was unanimous in Obama's favor in nine Cleveland precincts.
The largest of those voted 542-0 in favor of Obama. In seven other Cleveland precincts and one in East Cleveland, Romney didn't pick up a single vote, though votes for third-party candidates stopped the president short of unanimous victories. 

In Philly, it wasn't much different. Check out this head-spinning figure: In 59 voting divisions in the city, Mitt Romney received not one vote. Zero. Zilch.
59 divisions, where unofficial vote tallies have President Obama outscoring Romney by a combined 19,605 to 0? REALLY? I'd say a resounding BULLSHIT!

On top of that, in September of this year, the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio reported this sad and ugly news: “More than one out of every five registered Ohio voters is probably ineligible to vote. In two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeds the voting-age population: Northwestern Ohio’s Wood County shows 109 registered voters for every 100 eligible, while in Lawrence County along the Ohio River it’s a mere 104 registered per 100 eligible. Another 31 counties show registrations at more than 90 percent of those eligible, a rate regarded as unrealistic by most voting experts. The national average is a little more than 70 percent. In a close presidential election where every vote might count, which ones to count might become paramount on Election Day.

And, as we all know, in St Lucie County, where Allen West is fighting voter fraud, we have turnout, on average, of 141%
2 of 3 states, that are battleground states, sure does have the appearance of massive voter fraud that is rampant.



FIREBIRD said...

Philadelphia’s 28th ward, pop. 633 in the 2010 census, counted 5394 votes for Obama. How’s THAT for population growth! (Romney got 34 votes) That's almost 850% growth in population in two years..... Obama won PA 2,907,448 - 2,619,583 (O by 287,865)

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Fraud is of course prevalent in all elections but the scale of this one is more than apparent.

The question is how to fight it?

I do not see any liberal-activist court at any and all levels willing to investigate nor order recounts across multiple States leading to what might become over-turning the election, unfortunately.

Unknown said...

And Firebird comes up with more info.

Unknown said...

Probably not, Christopher, but I got the attention of the Ohio GOP on theirs and the Republican Governor, too.
We'll see if anything comes of it. But enough people could make a difference, you never know.

Right Truth said...

If you try to bring any of this up, you are labeled as a conspiracy kook, a right wing crazy.

We all know there was wide spread voter fraud, especially in the military.

Right Truth

Unknown said...

Yeah, Debbie. Thats just me. A right wing, crazy, conspiracy kook. LOL!
But it's fun putting this stuff out there to watch some of those light bulbs turn on in our heads. :)

FIREBIRD said...

Math as taught in government schools by union teachers... 141% turnout! Can you say 'deer in the headlights' when questioned about these numbers?