Thursday, June 28, 2012

It... Is... Over

Today, the United States Supreme Court abruptly and systematically dismantled this nation when it ruled Obamacare Constitutional.


I sit here in furor at this ruling and what it means for the nation that I, you, ALL was born in, and to figure out what comes next.

Today, our Federalist form of government came to an abrupt end and the republic has had it's heart ripped from our lives.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would witness the United States come to an end as we knew her.

My ancestor helped found this nation, and that I am proud of.
I am really at a lost for words, that "We the People" have let them down. That we lost what they fought so bravely for.

So, with this all said and done, Congress can repeal Obamacare.
However, one thing it can not do in a repeal....

It CANNOT change what the court did.

And what it did was, it told us that our elected officials have the power to tell you, through legislation, that you HAVE to participate in commerce, whether you choose to or not.
It can force you to buy a two dollar pencil, or a two million dollar yacht, if they deem it necessary!!!


It can force you to buy a two dollar pencil, or a two million dollar yacht, if THEY deem it necessary!!!

You have lost your own god given right to make your own decision in life on what to spend your money on.... Think about that for awhile. As a Conservative. As a Moderate, As an Independent, As a Liberal. Your country, its guarantee personal liberties, your human right to know whats is best for you has been snuffed out, forever!

There is only two ways out of this.
-A constitutional amendment, or
-Rebellion to restore the federalist form of government and our republic.

Neither one easy.
But one can rid our nation of the ideologue that brought this day upon us.

I choose the latter!


Silverfiddle said...

It... Is... Over

No it's not. Roberts did chicken out politically, but he saved the day by writing the ruling to justify the law under the government's taxation power.

So this constitutes no expansion of government power.

Government already and still does have too much power, but this did not expand it.

They won't force you to buy the pencil (or eat your arugula), they will just tax you punitively if you don't.

This started 100 years ago...

Unknown said...

NOTHING in the requirement (mandate) calls this a tax, Kurt.

HR3200 had "tax penalty".

HR3590 (the one signed in to law) removes the word tax and leaves the word "penalty".

The ruling changes two things. Government can mandate to you that if you don't purchase what they deem as necessary through legislation, they do not have to use the word 'tax', they can now call it a penalty.

If I refuse to participate in commerce, of my own free will, they can penalize me for doing nothing!

Either way you have to shell out more to them and less for my family.
I will side with my family. Never with the federal governments thinly vialed wording.

Silverfiddle said...

But the precedent was already set with social security and medicare, taxes you cannot avoid for programs you cannot opt out of.

All they have to do is call it a tax. Look at it this way: had Obama simply imposed a government-run single payer system, there would be nothing in the constitution to stop him.

The seeds to this madness were sown 100 years ago.

Unknown said...

The difference here is SS and Medicare were implemented for 'you' to tap in to later in life.
It got changed many times, to the point of an entitlement.
For which Obamacare is. We pay for others.

All’s Roberts did today was move Obamacare from an argument of commerce and put it under the taxation clause, "it is allowed under Congress's tax and spending powers." It... is... allowed... Meaning they can still pass legislation to force you to participate in commerce by using the power of taxation, if you don't.

What Roberts ignored was, leading up to the vote on HR3590, that it was sold to us as not being a tax, and they even struck the word tax out.
But NOW it's a tax penalty?

We've been hoodwinked!

Silverfiddle said...

I don't like it either, but it does not set any new legal precedents.

More importantly, it puts this issue in the political arena where it belongs.

The final vote on Obamacare will be this November.

AdamsPatriot said...

Question is, will it take Votes or Bullets to rid America of the destroyers of the Constitution?

Early Patriots had no vote, show they chose force.

Problem here is our votes are becoming diluted and are becoming meaningless, especially with Judicial Activism, like today.

With every day, we are being forced to go in a direction to that of our ancestors.

Unknown said...

Well stated, AP. We have until Nov to right the ship. After that I see huge trouble in our nation.
I have had a change of heart on making this my last post.
What good would that do? Shut me UP?
This war has just begun.
However my underground fight, will remain from public view.

FIREBIRD said...

Congress passed the ACA with a PENALTY in it..... Roberts rewrote it to call it a law. Only CONGRESS can tax the people - not the president and certainly not the courts. IMHO Roberts has made the ACA null and void. My opinion, and $5 will get you a 16 ounce Pepsi in NYC