Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Leftist Looses It After Walker Victory-Update

Liberal loose it and says Democracy is done.
Good! Because it's a Republic, SIR.
This is just the beginning to turn our country back to the intent of the Founders.
Come November, expect the same thing.
Liberals on twitter threatening Scott Walker
____________________Update Part 2_____________________
Wisconsin Authorities investigating death threats again Gov Walker. 
___________________Update Part 3______________________
Illinois wishes they had a Scott Walker in their Capital


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Yep, I caught this as well, what a fool.

He does not even understand democracy. It was democracy to him to have a recall vote when unwarranted (no legal basis for it) and when it does not go his way it is the end of democracy?

You state Mark; "Come November, expect the same thing"

Same? No, it will be much more violent IMHO.

Unknown said...

Well what I meant with "Come November, expect the same" was in Nov, expect the same results as the Walker recall.... Victory over Obama. :)

Based on the twitter threats made to Walker... You're right in that aspect. It will be come more violent. But my hopes are we will have a new AG who will prosecute the hate crimes that I am sure will come out after the election.

Anonymous said...

That guy is totally dim. Democracy happened and common sense for once finally prevailed. He has no idea what democracy stands for. He assumed it meant freedom to whine, and cry because he lost his union steward pay bonus. If he ever gets the chance to read this I just want to tell him to get a grip, Dude, stop whining. Noone shaved your head, bent your dog tags and sent you to Afghanistan for over a year. Go to Dairy Queen and get a softee.