Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Was There During the Coup in Congress in the 1990's

Senator Lindsey Graham was.
And the fine Senator from South Carolina went On the Record the other night, reminding people of what it was like to work with Newt Gingrich in those days.

The Senator also openly admitted that they had been to hard on Gingrich back then, because it was a difficult achievement to fight the good fight, as Newt did, and come out with results.

So when you hear those referring to the days of which Newt was House Speaker as leaving in disgrace, or how he is still bitterly despised by some in the GOP, don't buy in to it that they all are.


FIREBIRD said...

I don't usually agree with Se. Graham but I do here - he makes excellent points about Newt AND Afghanistan

FIREBIRD said...

Sen. (grrrr)

Unknown said...

I am with him about 50% of the time and to be honest, thought it was going to be another hit piece on Newt, but, once again, I was wrong this time. He's so right. It's not easy to hold the position of Speaker and Newt got a lot of things done during his time at the helm of the House.

Amusing Bunni said...

Leave it to the dems to rewrite history!

Unknown said...

And a few RINO's too, Bunni! :)