Thursday, February 23, 2012

Message from Christie to Buffett

"Write a check and shut up"

Governor Chris Christie on CNN's Money tells Buffett  (and the left), who are playing the fair share card, to just whip out the old checkbook, ink in a figure and send it in to the Treasury Dept, if they feel the "top 1%" aren't paying enough in taxes.



Silverfiddle said...

I thought that was beautiful. This is why conservatives, who know Christie is a moderate, want him to run. His plain-spokenness is his greatest asset.

Unknown said...

He does get 'in your face' with his spokenness, Kurt. Why beat around the bush? Tell it like it is and push back at the broken record of the liberal 'must pay their fair share' crap. They never tell anyone what is a fair share.

FIREBIRD said...

Here is a nice site the liberals should love - it's from the Treasury Department - please share this with all your liberal friends who think they aren't paying their fair share - I call this the PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS site: