Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trump to Make An Announcement Tomorrow About the GOP Race

Sources with in Trump circle of trust are saying Donald Trump will make a major announcement tomorrow in Vegas.

If this holds true, it'll say a lot about a big business man NOT endorsing another business man who is now running for the Presidency.


FIREBIRD said...

Trump is a media whore - nothing he can say will help Romney win

Unknown said...

I agree. When someone within his circle of trust makes one announcement, and then Trumps comings out with something completely different, it's playing with peoples minds. This isn't a game we are playing, Donald. The future of our country is at stake here. STOP messing with peoples minds

AdamsPatriot said...

During the debates, the republicans have produced a ridiculous image to America, causing a shift in the polls with Ovomit on top.

Trump's showboating only serves to disgrace and divide the republicans further.

Trump is a worthless pile of humanity!

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more, AP. I do envision a serious 3rd party, maybe in 2016. I think the GOP Est just dug their own grave this election season with this crap.