Monday, February 6, 2012

Obama blames Our Founding Fathers

Obama blames our founding fathers, not Bush any more, for not being able to push through every aspect of the things he said 2008.
Our founders design a system that makes it more difficult bringing about change I would like sometimes.

If this DOES NOT convince America that this guy is an out an out socialist, to dis our founders because of how they designed our country and our constitution, that it makes it more difficult for him to push through "change" he has been trying to ram through since he was elected, then once again Americans are not paying attention.

WAKE THE HELL AMERICA! Are you paying attention NOW?
Vote this clown OUT!


Silverfiddle said...

No $h*t Sherlock...

The founders did that on purpose, to keep megalomaniacal statists like you from trashing the place in the span of four years.

Obama is an FDR for our times...

Chris said...

It makes you wonder what he wants to put through that the Constitution is stopping.

Bill of Rights said...

Yeah, you had two years of a Democrat congress to pass the garbage that you did get passed. So WFT man?!? Grow up and stop being a man child!

FIREBIRD said...

thank you to all the stupid who put this man in charge! Hope and change can kiss my butt!

Unknown said...

Damn, Kurt, I'm even thinking FDR might have been a little better.... Just a little, mind you. :)

Unknown said...

He would probably want to put through repeals of everything but the 16th amendment, Chris.

Unknown said...

He definitely has the mind of a child, Bill of Rights. Ya think if it wasn't for the TPP with their torches and pitchforks, he might have shredded the entire bill of rights? I'd say he most certainly would have.

Unknown said...

I'd call it "Dope and Mange", is more like it Freebird. Either way, YES it can KMA.

AdamsPatriot said...

Blame Bush!
Blame the Republicans!
Blame the Corporations!
Blame the Supreme Court!
Blame Conservatives!
Blame the TEA Party!
Blame the Police!
Blame the Parents!
Blame McDonalds!
Blame the American Tax Payer!
Now Blame the Founding Fathers!

Did I miss anyone?
Oh Yeah, Obama, Blame yourself you selfish Marxist DUMBASS!

Unknown said...

His comment is the most outrageous statement I have ever heard a sitting President.... No check that... ANY President, has ever made!!! On national TV, before an audience of millions, none the less.