Monday, July 15, 2013

Verdict Rendered. Outrage Is Highly Questionable

From Michael Harris of And I must say, well said, spot on. In total agreement, here!


They want riots and White liberals are happy to help is get started. They do this all the time. Just like Occupy Wall Street, for example, this is well documented.

First, these liberals feed us lies to get us emotionally charged up! They have done that for the past year and ½ in this case. They told us lie, after lie, after lie.

Then master manipulating race baiting DEMOCRATS, like Sharpton, Jackson, unite with NAACP (The National Association for the Advancement of Liberal* Colored People) give their gullible BLACK followers the ok by pouring fuel on the emotional fire. 

I watched in total disgust as WHITE LIBERALS in the media took to the sky and put their helicopter spotlight on BLACK folks Saturday night like we are a bunch of circus animals and expected us to act up. 

We did not take the cue. THANK GOD!

So these WHITE GODLESS LIBERALS are here to embolden , inspire, and incite BLACK FOLK to take to the street in protest! All this to promote their agenda. I , for one am sick of it. 

They do this, with the help of certain BLACK liberals that call themselves "reverends". These so called Black leaders know full well that angry BLACK FOLK, a segment of whom are common street thugs who are eager to commit violent acts, and will not behave peacefully...ESPECIALLY when they are totally pissed off. 

If another life is destroyed because of this low life thug wannabe, Trayvon Martin, and his lying parents, (who won't come clean and tell us the truth about their sons drug use, burglary, and violent disposition) it will be because self hating WHITE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS in the media and in the streets inflamed the emotions of already angry, misinformed, and dare I say RACIST... BLACK FOLKS!!

At that point, they become more guilty. So I have one for you White liberals who think you are doing us a favor. STOP!

IF this photo is not enough, watch CNN's Candy Crowley do her thang' on national TV! They NEED YOU PISSED OFF! 

Michael Harris

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