Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Left Warns Not To Succumb To 9/11 Type Reaction To Boston

When will the left get a grip on reality, that war has been waged against us by radicals?

MSNBC host Alex Wagner said here that the “silver lining” in the Boston attacks can be found the “sense of community” that has followed the attack.

The Nation magazine editor Katrina vanden Heuvel added that she hopes the ultimate response to this act of terror is a measured one. She implies that America’s years-long response to the attacks of 9/11 as an example of an American response to terror that was not measured and was, in fact, disproportionate.

Disproportionate? 9/11? 9/11 was too large of a loss of life of Americans, and that we, as a nation need to repay these terrorist acts against us. With resounding might and with unwavering prejudice!

“My hope, (vanden Heuvel continues), is that the community spirit – the resilience of the American people, which the president spoke so well to – is what comes out of this, and not the overreaction to fear which think we have seen, for sure, in the wake of 9/11 when this country overreacted.”

It's THIS attitude that has brought on the terrorist attacks within our boards, folks!

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