Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gun Violence Prevention- Connecticut Legislature proposals

On the night of April 2, 2013, the Connecticut Legislature’s Bi-Partisan task force on Gun Violence Prevention released its proposal for gun-control legislation. It sheds light on a few of the proposals that are being talked about in Washington and other parts of the country.

I will highly some key points, that I feel could be shot down by a Supreme Court challenge.
Here’s a snapshot of some of what their proposal seeks to accomplish.
  1. Requires a “universal background check” for all firearm sales or transfers
    1. All gun sales or transfers must be preceded by the buyer passing a national criminal background check.
  2. Bans the sale or purchase of large-capacity magazines (LCMs) that have a capacity of more than 10 rounds and requires all currently owned LCM’s to be registered with law enforcement
    1. In addition to banning the sale, import, or purchase of LCM’s, this law states that you must register all LCMs that were legally purchased prior to the law going into effect. Additionally, the law states that owners of LCMs are only allowed to load more than 10 rounds in their LCMs if they are in their home or at a shooting range.
    2. Concealed carry permit holders with firearms purchased with LCMs prior to the ban are not allowed to carry more than 10 rounds in the magazine.
  3. Expands the Connecticut Assault Weapons Ban
    1. The current assault weapons ban is being expanded to include a ban of any weapon that has one or more of the characteristics often found on military weapons. Residents who already legally possess weapons that fit the expanded definition with have their weapons grandfathered but will have to register their firearms with law enforcement and the transportation and use of these weapons will be very limited.
  4. Requires a state-issued eligibility certificate to purchase long-guns, ammunition or magazines.
    1. To purchase a long-gun, the purchaser must complete a firearms safety training course, be fingerprinted, and undergo a national criminal background.
    2. To purchase ammunition or magazines, the buyer must possess an eligibility certificate that shows that they have passed a national background check.
  5. Denies eligibility certificates to those who have been involuntarily confined or voluntarily admitted to a hospital for persons with psychiatric disabilities.
    1. Those involuntarily confined will not be allowed to possess or purchase firearms or ammunition for 5 years after their release.
    2.  Those voluntarily admitted will not be allowed to possess or purchase firearms or ammunition for 6 month after their release.
  6. Establish a dangerous weapon offender registry
    1. Offenders who have been convicted of weapons offenses or some offenses where they have threatened to use a weapon would have to register with law enforcement for five years.

This would NOT have prevented Newtown, Aurora or AZ/Giffords shooting.
That is pretty broad, intrusive, but most importantly, a clear violation of the right to Keep and Bear!

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