Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is Justice Blind, or is it Just the US Justice Dept That Is

As the Zimmerman/Martin investigation moves along to try and determine what took place on Feb 26th, 2012, the calls to the Federal Justice Dept to get involved are growing.

This case however, is a state matter at this point, since the local jurisdiction has stepped aside to let the Florida State Attorney Generals office handle this investigation. And I am hoping it remains that way, no matter how the investigation turns out.

However, there is a matter that the United States Justice dept can pursue, in tandem with the State Attorney office on another, and equally important crime.... And that is the fact that The New Black Panther Party has violated Federal law, by crossing state line, from Georgia to Florida, to solicit kidnapping of Zimmerman.
On top of this, the State of Florida justice dept can bring state charges upon the NBPP for nearly the same charge, solicit kidnapping with in it's statelines.

All this has been brought to light by J. Christian Adams, former justice dept attorney. 

But based on the Justice Dept and Eric Holders track record on the NBPP's clear violation of federal law (voter intimidation), it would be a safe bet nothing will be done with this vigilantist, militant group of renegades.


Silverfiddle said...

The Black Panthers are FOO's (Friends of Obama) and therefor exempt from the law. That's the Chicago way.

Unknown said...

So you mean if I am a FOO, I can be above the law on this, because I need to scope in my AR-15. LOL!

Anonymous said...

The New Black Panthers, in
announcing the reward for the
seizure of Zimmerman, may have
violated Florida criminal statutes
of Florida Code 787.01, 777.04,
876.35, 876.34, & 843.20.