Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rescue Our Nation

As we start a new year, our hopes for better times could be on the horizon. Come this November, we once again go to the polls to elect our representatives in Washington. With hope that we can prevail to bring our country back from the demise of extreme liberalism, or directly worded, Socialism, that has a stranglehold on our country.
We have an opportunity to place free market/prosperity/constitutional like minded people back to power to squash the ever growing Government monsters of mass control.
One outspoken American citizen of true democracy and the desire to bring back our country is Rush Limbaugh.
Recently Rush was hospitalize with chest pains and it was thought he had suffered a heart attack, thank god it wasn't.
But as the nation waited to see if Rush would recover, the extreme left were on the attack on Rush. Spewing their vile hatred for this man who has done nothing but support and defend the American way of life.
Below, ladies and gentlemen, are just a few quotes from around the country from the left of center folks that have brought you the likes of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.
Be forewarned, it's sickening.

"I won't tell you what I think of him other than tell you he is a disgrace to America"
"Most people like myself and family would never ever wish anyone 2 die. However,Rush Limbaugh is the exception to that rule"
"He is an evil person who deserves to suffer the worst of the worst"
"I don't care if he lives or dies. I do care about the harm he does to my country. In my view, his demise would be a positive thing for the country."
"I knew it wasn't a heart attack, one has to have a heart for that to happen."
"If he dies, I won't shed a tear. I'll probably open the bottle of the good scotch in celebration"
"Those chest pains just might have been the Almighty having a go at changing the heart of His lost soul"
"The people must be convinced to voluntarily give up democracy and the future of our planet"
"Rush must be allowed to ferment hate and seeing this first hand I say death to a monster is fair also"
"He's the mouth peace for hate and what's wrong with this country"
"The party is planned, bringing chips and dip. Just let me know when he dies"
"I wish a horrible, painful death on the worthless excuse of a man because he is a horrible human being who has the ability to fuel the hatred of other feeble minded people."
"I wouldn't go over board and wish death on him,a compound fracture of the pelvis would suffice"
"I wish he was dead"
"I wish Rush Limpballz dead."
"I'm gonna pretty much keep wishing him a slow, painful death"
"Conservatism is a disease"
"When I heard he was rushed to the hospital, I simply said, Good"
“There's nothing wrong with wishing bad people to die. Rush is a bad guy, period.”
"His primary goal is to get as many listeners as possible to make more money.”
"Die Rush Die!!!”“Awesome!!!!!! Euthanize him."
"my immediate reaction was: "I hope he drops dead." Now that some time has passed and I've had the opportunity to think it over, I still feel the same way.”
"I wish Rush Limbaugh was dead!”
"I must admit, I was cheering for the Grim Reaper"

These people are truly outrageous. You don't have to agree with Rush, but to go to this extreme shows we are on a path of destruction as a nation.
Unless we do the right thing this time around in November, darker days are ahead for the foreseeable future.
Get well Rush!


Unknown said...

With these comments, the recent airliner/terrorist attack, and the steadfast policies of our worthless president I propose we encourage liberals along with their beloved terroists to fly together and get to know one another even better. Let's see if that changes anyones mind, but I expect they will all chant allah akbar to the end.

Unknown said...

I am wondering if they (the left) will fire the first shot. With these kinds of comments, my guess would be if we succeed in taking back Congress in Nov, it is possible.