Sunday, December 27, 2009

An Adams Declaration

We, the people of the United States of America, live in the greatest country ever conceived. We enjoy freedoms and more opportunities for self-determination like no other on planet Earth. People from all over the globe, who wish to make a better life for themselves elsewhere, choose the United States over ANY other nation. They wish to rejoice in freedom they've never had before.

It is the utmost importance that each and every citizen needs to be reminded of how our forefathers were able to ensure these freedoms we enjoy, and the documents which made them possible.

Unfortunately, some Americans take our freedoms for granted and use those freedoms to make changes that our forefather brought upon this nation. Those Americans do not understand the effort and sacrifice which was required to obtain these freedoms, and don't understand that the changes they so desire will one day come to haunt even THEIR daily lives. All for the ignorance of social change.

It is as important today, if not MORE important, to fight for and honor the achievements of our founding fathers. Without their steadfast dedication to their principles and convictions, NONE OF US would have the freedoms we enjoy today.

During trying economic times, some wavered on our nation's principles. But trying times should be a signal us to a greater calling and hold freedom ever more endearing to our hearts.

We as a people, as a nation and as a bastion of freedom will not stand for a small minority of Americans to besmirch our constitution or violating its content.

More than ever we need "True at Heart Americans" to remember what made our country great...and conduct ourselves accordingly.

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Unknown said...

In 2008, the majority of Americans were duped into believing that America would be a better country by placing into power 'one' political party. As a result of that action, Americans have learned that there are serious threats to Americas' freedoms and the Constitution.
As policies are stacked in favor of an out of control liberal viewpoint there are no checks and balances to keep the most outrageous policies from taking hold.
Additionally, along with with bribes and in-fighting, there appears to be chaos within the ruling party as various special interest try to claim their territory.
Through the loud voice of the American people and the upholding of the Consititution by our govermental leaders and courts would only be some short term solutions.
A more longer term solution is honest and balanced future elections.
Should these solutions fail, the consequences would be devastating for everyone living here in America.