Monday, September 16, 2013

Navy Ship Yard Shooting- Possible False Flag

I have not posted much on here lately, because it seems that it's the same old BS continuing to flow out of Washington DC.
However, today's event in DC, at the Navy Ship Yard, and the tragedy from it, warrants me to write another post.

Came across this video with regards to the shooting, today. Not all that unusual to see videos popup on a terrible loss of life of this magnitude. Just like what happened at Sandy Hook.

Many conspiracy theories came out with the Sandy Hook story. And I took them with a grain of salt.

This one, though, needs explaining.

Now, I just don't take some guys video on You Tube as absolute.
Nope. No way!

So I went fishing and sure enough, what as been presented in the video, is true. Without question.
Here are my screen capture of these webpages.
                                                                         The Daily Courier

                                                                            ABC News Website

If it happened once, OK it could be a glitch.

But really, NOT TWICE! 

And right on cue comes anti-gun nut, US Senator Feinstein who calls for new gun control laws again after Navy Yard shooting. Read It Here.

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