Sunday, August 4, 2013

Warning From Patriots, to Patriots

This from the Oath Keepers.  It bares a warning to be vigilant on what you receive, or anyone you 'think' you know who might send you a communication via email.

WARNING: Someone is Trying to Set Up Liberty Activists Using Child Porn

This a warning to all of our members, readers, supporters, and to the general liberty movement.
Please be extremely careful with email, and do not open any attachments from anyone who you don't know, or from any suspicious email, such as tormail.  And even if it seems to be from someone you know, take the time to read the email address carefully, to see if it is from a Tormail account, or other anonymous email service.  It could be someone impersonating someone you know, to trick you into opening files with child-porn on them.
No one here at Oath Keepers uses tormail or any other anonymous email service, so if you see an email purporting to be from Oath Keepers, or from anyone in leadership at Oath Keepers, from such an email service,

do not open it.

There have been a string of anonymous attacks on liberty activists, all attempting to trick people into opening email attachments containing child-porn.   We know of at least four such attempts within the past few weeks.  

The first was when someone emailed Luke Rudkowski, Founder of We Are Change and tried to trick him into opening attached jpeg files containing child porn.   Luke was able to use the "view" function of his email to see that the images were child porn and he did not open them.

Then, someone using a tormail account tried to do the same thing to Dan Johnson, Founder of People Against the NDAA (PANDA).   Whoever emailed Dan Johnson pretended to be me, Stewart Rhodes, but using a Tormail account.    Fortunately, Dan knew that I don't use Tormail, and therefore he did not open the attachments.   Instead, he had a computer security expert examine the files, and that expert determined that they contained child porn.   You can read more about that attack, and watch a video we made about it, here.

Well, a few days later it happened again, to two other liberty activists we know.   They have chosen, for the time being, to not go public about it, in the hopes that the FBI will have a better chance of catching the perp.  All of us have reported these incidents to the FBI, through attorney Sue Basko.
Sue has written a very well done description of what happened, what we did to report it, and some important advice on how you can keep from being victimized by whoever is doing this.   Here is an excerpt of that tutorial.  Please take her advice to heart, and be very careful online.
Stewart Rhodes

Child Porn Emailed to Activists to Try to Frame Them
by Sue Basko


ChristopherConservative said...

Thank you Mark for the warning! I have never heard of "tormail" but will carefully monitor even more so now.

I would advise any who might receive such to contact the appropriate authorities so they might be able to locate (Lord knows they can) the sick perps and get them behind bars.

Think as a real cop; How would these people know where to get such disgusting material unless they were of the same thought?

Lets get the trash!

Mark Adams said...

My pleasure, Christopher. Yeah, with NSA out there, I would hope they would and will target these purps. But thinking about it, since they are targeting liberty activists, they'll put it on the back burner, just like the IRS!

Blogger said...

You should see how my pal Wesley Virgin's report starts with this SHOCKING AND CONTROVERSIAL video.

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You took part in those questions, right?

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