Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Queen of the 11th Hour Shenanigans

The Queen of the 11th hour shenanigans, Gloria Allred will be in court today to try to unseal Romney deposition and testimony in the divorce of long time business partner, Tom Stemburg. According to TMZ sources, the Boston Globe got a tip that there was "juicy information about Romney" in his testimony... If the testimony is under seal, how would someone, other than the participants know what's in it? 

My bet is Maureen Stemburg is the source of this "Juicy Info" (Their words, not mine)... My hunch, it's an attempt to fire up the "War on Woman" narrative again!

More here and the court hearing is TODAY!

Once again, Allred inserts herself in to politics.

First, Meg Whitmann, then Herman Cain, and now Mitt Romney.

I have a message for Ms. Allred.
Stick to lawyering, and get out of the underhanded politics, before it's to late!


FIREBIRD said...

It's hard to 'lawyer' with the Democrat party up your ass!

FIREBIRD said...

Romney needs to start back on Benghazi..... the truth is coming out, no longer in bits and pieces, but a gully-washer. Obama knew IMMEDIATELY it was a terrorist attack - if he didn't, he should be impeached for incompetence!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Allred is filth and the poster child of what exactly is wrong with our overall justice system - activism.

Activism being the motivating force on the part of both judges and lawyers, which completely obliterates the constitution to be respected by the former and real advocacy on the part of the latter.

Allred is a publicity whore and in doing this, it is free to her but comes at the cost of the taxpayer.

And for what?

A very distant disagreement of two businessmen?

Nothing to see here, move along.

Unknown said...

Firebird, you put Democrat and ass in the same sentance. PERFECT! LOL.

And yes, Romney needs to drive this Benghazi news home. It's a major foreign policy debacle by the Obama Admin!!!

Unknown said...

Christopher, I would have to guess that it worked for Meg Whitman, and Cain, so I guess she is going for the brass ring here.

Whatever this may be, I think it will fall flat on its face.

And you are spot on, she is publicity whore, and gives good lawyers a bad name. (I am more irritated then my words show, here)