Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Choice Is Clear

There is a stark contrast between the success of Mitt Romney, to those of Barack Obama.
Especially on our economy and jobs, without question.
Who is the Productive Capitalist vs. who is the Crony Capitalist?


Information You Deserve said...

I'm with you, and I can't stand our fellow conservatives who have already given up.
I beg our you, please stop talking like we are already defeated! If you folks cant support Mitt Romney why don`t you just go ahead and vote for Obama? Because, that is exactly what you are doing and I can`t believe that you are so dumb that you don`t believe Romney is better than Obama is and will not support him. If you can’t talk like you want him to win and have the confidence that he will win then just give up and get the hell out of the way. You truly sound like you are a idiot! Remember Ross Perot!!!
Romney wasn`t my first choice either but He is so much better than Obama that is isn’t even a contest. All I am saying is don't under estimate Romney, and give him your support. Or would you rather Michelle Obama be telling us what we should eat for another four years? We are in the middle of the Great Obama Depression. Unemployment is staggeringly high. Gas prices have doubled under his watch. The Middle East is in flames thanks to Obama’s policies, and what we just saw in Lybia should be more than enough to get him out of the White House once and for all. Ans as Clint Eastwood said a at the Convention “When someone isn’t working out, you have to let them go.” The Middle East is going up in flames and Barack Obama does not have the time to meet Benjamin Netanyahu when he came to the UN few days ago. He has more important obligations like going on The Late Show with David Letterman, and on The View.. .
I don`t like what the GOP did but We have to stick together and go with what (who) we have! Obama and Biden, Hillary, Pelosi,and Reid are pathetic serial liars and are advocating the destruction of everything this country was built on.
They are horrible people and an embarrassment to this country
Looking ahead to 4 more years of blaming Bush, bowing down to the Arabs, spending your money if you have any left? Or how bout spending most of what you make on filling up the car just to have less income left so you can stay at home. Anybody ever herd of freedom? Or freedom of speech and freedom of choice? It may come to a surprise to most people but you have less of it now then at any time in your life. Name one thing you can do without a permit or license or Government Permission ? License to drive? license to hunt or fish? Social Security Number without that how or where would you be allowed to work ever think about that? People do not think because they let others do that for them and this is how you loose control over your decision making. New York now has a limit on soft drinks School Lunches are now controlled by the Government who is Michelle Obama in case you didn’t know it. When are People Going To Wake Up? We will not lose the election because of Barack Obama and the idiots in his administration . We will not lose the election because of the fact that we can not even unite around our own candidate. And if you can’t even do that, then get the hell out of the Republican Party and join the libertarians where you belong. And vote for Ron Paul the other nut job. Good Bye! Good Riddance!

FIREBIRD said...

I have cramps in my face this morning from smiling so much after the debate. It's a great feeling!

Unknown said...

Totally agree, Sergeant.
This thing, with an obvious socialist in charge, has got to reach the end. The progressives have totally 180’ed this country, and as far as I am concerned, we need to eradicate this ideology, as it is a cancer to our society and republic.

Firebird, that debate last night was insane..... a FUN kind of insane. LOL!