Friday, July 22, 2011

CCB is Tabled in the Democrat Senate

Today, Harry Reid's controlled Senate, in effect, killed the House passed Cut, Cap & Balanced bill that would begin the process of eliminating our debt, cut our spending while strengthening our important entitlement programs for our seniors, disabled & needy.

But, like the minion protector that Reid is, he thinks his real job (and most on the left agree with him) is to protect the President from political harm.

The House bill is the best solution to our fragile economical times, with real direction.
According to Reid, CCB is:
“Weak and Senseless... Perhaps the worst piece of legislation we have ever had in the country."
No Senator, Obamacare was the worst piece (of sh*t) legislation we have ever had in this country, and the American people agree with me.

My strong suggestion would be to Speaker Boehner... Move on with other business.

He, and the Republican House did their job, as they were elected to do.
Let August 2nd come and go.
The real point of blame will HAVE to be Harry Reid and the United States Senate.

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