Saturday, November 13, 2010

Clueless Or Set Up- We Suggest, You Decide

As reported by the HumpingThePost, journalist Stu Bykofsky sent an email to Keith Olbermann last Friday and asked for an interview from Olbermann on his current situation on MSNBC and whether he had any bitter feelings towards MSNBC producers and executives for treating him unfairly.
The email address that Stu used, was 

But if you have been on this planet for the past 5 months, you would know that was purchased by The Daily Caller, aka Tucker Carlson.

So now Stu Bykofsky and The Humping-The-Post are making a stink about Tucker impersonating Olbermann.
Tucker was making a joke about this whole thing when the exchange of emails took place. Probably thinking ‘Where has THIS guy been?’

So with that said, one of two scenarios took place here.

1. Either Stu, knowing full well Tucker (or Daily Caller) purchased the domain name this past summer and was setting this up to make Tucker look bad, to cause controversy…
2. Stu is a poor journalist who just arrived on our Planet and who doesn't follow what's happening with current events, like when Tucker purchased the domain name this past summer, that was widely reported back then.
Clueless or Set Up. We Suggest, You decide.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Priceless! That was fun reading.

Unknown said...

Wasn't it? :)

I mean come on, what was on Stu's mind. Was it devious or real stupidity.
The liberals are calling on Olbermann to sue Carlson and authorities to charge him with a crime.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

In a word, stupidity.

If he (Stu) was "playing along" it would have ended with one email. No, he thought (or better said did not think) that the response (attack) was from Olberfuck himself.

Now I am no fan of Olberfuck but believe his bit on mslsd is just that, a bit. I highly doubt the POS would respond for a comment on an article about him let alone his superiors in such a manner with the chance of it being published.

Stu was played because, well because he is not a true journalist being they do their detailed research and not doing so shows his stupidity.

As to a crime good luck on that, Carlson obtained the addy legally and Stu used it willfully. Again, he did not do any research.
Last I knew, mslsd has a HUGE website with which to contact any socialist that works there.

Unknown said...

I would have to agree "would have ended with one email."
Then, with that said, Stu just arrived on our planet... as most folks in Washington have also done with in the past 4 years. LOL

Anonymous said...

American Patriots wrote,
"But if you have been on this planet for the past 5 months, you would know that was purchased by The Daily Caller, aka Tucker Carlson."

huh? i bet less than 2 percent of the population even knew. Now perhaps the writer should have known but the general public, not a chance.

Hell, i didn't even know that there was something going on between Keith and Tucker. But i don't watch either of them.

And CP, is Tucker a real journalist? I mean posing as someone your not isn't actually ethical is it?

Unknown said...

OK, Joe you might not have known, but it was pretty big news back in the summer that a right leaning journalist bought the domain name of a left leaning liberal TV personality.
"the writer should have known" Thats the point of this post.
I, not being a journalist, knew this happened.

So thats the reason I asked the question (which was the subject of this post) was it a setup or poor journalism (being Stu is suppose to be a pro) and none of this would had taken place had Stu done his job.
And not doing your due diligence is not ethical either. This has brought on controversy with in the MSM, that further divides the nation.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing unethical about making a mistake. Don't know where you would get the idea that anything done by mistake is unethical.

But nothing done by Stu can rectify that Tucker Carlson acted purposely. Could he be sued, probably. The people on MTV's punkd could sue. Or press charges. Most would never, but they legally could.

The issue behind any lawsuit would be the intent and could a reasonable man expect to know that he wasn't in contact with KO, but actually TC.

Was Tucker malicious in acting like he was someone else? Did he intend to deceive the man? And should Stu had known given his involvement in political writing?

I say yes to both. for whats thats worth

AdamsPatriot said...

If a person was to sue and did not have any 'actual financial damages' to base a dollar value on, then the only people who made out on the deal was the lawyers.

Nobody watches Olberman anyway so he couldn't have damages to collect on. The Stu? Oh well, can't fix stu-pid!

Unknown said...

Joe, we don't really know if it was being clueless, or a set up, do we?
Journalist have an responsibility to get their facts straight before they go to press.
If Stu knew this would be a response by Carlson, then it was un-ethical to make controversy as a journalist. Again, we really don't know his intention, do we?
For Stu to even keep this post up makes him look pretty damn dumb and he has egg on his face. So you would think that something like this would be scrubbed from his page, which leads me to think this might have been intentional.

Unknown said...

I am suspicious of Stu-pids intent, AP. The more I ponder this, the more I see malicious behavior.