Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Send the President a Birthday Cake

I did and wanted him to know on his 49th, of just what was on my mind.....

Well.... NOT what was REALLY on my mind... because they didn't allow you to actually write what you are really thinking, but they give some good verbiage to use. LOL

Maybe all of you can inject your true Obama feels right here, right now!
And then go HERE to send Obumo your Birthday cake.


Ray said...

Thats a good one, I'll be visiting there next to ask him if this job is as hard as the 20 minutes he was in the senate.

Unknown said...

Sent him my birthday greeting, but he probably doesn't give a crap.
It helped me vent though!

Unknown said...

LMAO! Ray, classic comment. But isn't it 15 minutes.... No wait, thats fame. So he had his 15 minutes and then gave him 5 for his Presidency. :)

Unknown said...

Like a punching bag David.
I tweeted it last night and of course it had to go to @whitehouse. Which sends the message to those running the Whitehouse tweeter account.
They probably didn't like it... But I don't give a shit. :)