Friday, April 29, 2011

The PhotoShop Heard Round the World

As I posted yesterday, the Obama birth certificate produced Wednesday is not going away.

It's becoming more and more evident as people look at this birth certificate that there really is something very odd about it.

Even without PhotoShops Illustrator you can see several pieces of type that are out of place and look like they just shouldn't be there.

The last '1' in the upper right hand number.
The 'R' in BARACK in line a1
The 'X' in the box on 7e
The 'S' in Stanley in box 13
The 'K' in Kansas in box 16
The 'Non' in None on 17a
The 'AUG -8 196' in AUG -8 1961 in Box 20 and 22
Etc, Etc, Etc

Euripides from Self Evident Truths was able to un-layer it, also. And he did a nice job of it, too.

Still don't believe me, watch below.


Chris said...

I'm starting to think this is a set up[.

Unknown said...

What, the certificate or the photoshop demonstration?

AdamsPatriot said...

Good find on the intense break down of the BC.

Obama and his admin. are a sham. How discraceful of these people to do something so fake.

Look what has happened in America that our degenreate President commits forgery and perpetrates a fraud on Americans.

And yet the left stands behind Obama and calls other Americans, who have seen the light of Obama's character, racists.

The left is full of Obama Zombies indeed!

Unknown said...

I think this was done for one reason, and one reason only. To stop the MSM from covering this any further.
Now the left is saying if we question this any further, then those who do are nothing but racist. This whole racist crap is getting VERY old!