Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wisconsin Senate Gets it Done-BREAKING

The Wisconsin Republicans Senators have pulled a fast one over their Democrat colloquies.

They have striped the collective bargaining language from the Budget bill, crafted a new, non-budget bill that will not allow collective bargaining by state public unions.

They marched on to the Senate floor, and PASSED IT!

Union members have stormed the Capital building, over powering the security force and are currently in side the build screaming at a fever pitch.

Will they riot? Time will tell.

The sympathetic public union Senators had their chance.
They decided to act like children and run away.

This is what you get for not doing your job.

Ann Althouse and husband “Meade” are reporting the latest developments at the Wisconsin Capitol Building.

"Protesters are locking the Capitol doors shut from the inside using metal handcuffs, Meade reports from the scene.
He told me that just now, by phone. He got out, and is warning others not to go in. Obviously, it’s a terrible fire hazard to make it so people cannot get out of the building easily. Presumably, protesters think it’s a good idea to keep the police out, but it is dangerously stupid."

Then the State Police showed up and things got heated.
Police followed their orders to keep these ruffians out and ordered protesters back.
but in this video you hear one of the liberal unionist ordering the police.

Another person on twitter called for the shooting of Governor Walker.


Chris said...

It has turned to maham in Wisconsin. Who in their right mind would want those people in charge of anything let alone our government and children.

AdamsPatriot said...

Why aren't these communist arrested and charged. Is there no security that people have to go through like in other Capitols, courts, airports?

How is it that these peole can disrupt government sessions. If you gi into the DC Capitol and speak out in the visitor area during session, you immediatley escorted out.

Glad Republicans in WI finally got some courage and stop up to the union communists.

Unknown said...

AP about 100 of them were arrested this morning for disorderly conduct, when this bill went in to the state assembly for their vote.

Chris, I heard one of the 14 AWOL's say last night on 'On the Record' say that Senate Reps stole democracy. My thinking is the Senate Dems Hijacked Democracy when they left the state and the Reps just took it back.

AdamsPatriot said...

Remember when Liberals ignored the people of America when Obamacare was being rammed down our throats and arrogant Liberals walked through a crowd unabated by conservatives.

Finally, now repubs in WI grow a pair and liberals are outraged and say repubs stole democracy.

Democracy took place on 11/2/10, and Dems didn't like that so they try to thwart the will of the voters.

Repubs used patience and decorum.

The economy is on the edge of bankruptcy and the Dems still want to spend like crazy shoppers with a purse full of plastic credit.

The brakes have been put on and they scream for more like cocain addicts.

It takes grownups to run a country full of children. Time to send the spoiled brats to bed without supper.

Chris said...

Do you remember when Pelosi and the Black Caucus marched through the Tea Party protest after obamacare got passed? We were called every name in the book for that. The Republicans can't even go to the Capitol building for fear of their life. There is a fundamental difference between us and them and American voters are starting to see the difference.

Unknown said...

The more independents see this type of hijacking of Democracy by the left the more reassured we will be of a prosperous future in American without liberals and progressives.