Tuesday, February 15, 2011

House Budget Committee Gets Serious

Reid Ribble gets quite serious with Jacob Lew, Whitehouse budget director.
In hearings today about Obama continued and increasingly "growing deficits" budgets, this new 2012 budget continues this pace, but slightly lower then 2010 budget.

And Lew has been schooled well in the Obamanomics speak.
Note "Invest in our future, inherited a recession" and claims of "negative grow and job loss, to positive growth and creating jobs"

But in Ribble's footnote comment, you've got to nod your head in agreeance.

 "When all the adults in this room leave, when the cameras are gone and the television announcers go home, I believe there’s going to be a 5 year old sitting here holding the bill. I think that’s careless.”

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