Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IL unions call for income tax increase

Thousands of protesters bused down by labor unions and social service advocates rallied at the Illinois Capitol today in an attempt to pressure state lawmakers into raising the income tax to avoid more budget cuts.
This from the Chicago Tribune.

I would like to see each and everyone one of the loony leftwing nutsacks that were there today to go back to work the next day, request a NEW W2 form from their employer and commit to having additional taxes taken out of their checks each week, just to show they are REALLY behind the cause for an income tax increase in Illinois. My bet, they wouldn't think of doing that. They rather have everyone else take home less.


Chris said...

I could just see what would happen if that angry union mob doesn't get what they want. It will be like Greece.

Unknown said...

Tell me about it Chris. I think the more and more we expose what they are advocating to America, the greater the conservatives chance are to get elected office to save the nation. I don't understand these people minds some times. Raising taxes while peoples income are dropping puts even less money back in to the economy to make it rebound and grow. I don't think Springfield will do anything, at least not this year. Being an election year and all. I think some of the Dems are waking up and not falling in line with the Pelosi syndrome to 'Just do it and suffer the consequences'.

Anonymous said...

I love your observation, Mark! Of course it will never happen. The ducats flow the other way, man!

Public sector employment has become nothing more than a higher form of welfare. This is why I am for dismantling the department of education so the money can stay in the states. Completely privatize education and you would then really see an improvement because parents would vote with their dollars.

I am so damn glad I escaped that failed democratic experiment known as Illinois. No offense, I still have plenty of kin there, and the people are good, hard-work folks. Unfortunately, the corrupt chicago democrap machine has a stranglehold on the state.

Unknown said...

Hey Silverfiddle, welcome to AP-DP!
Funny, in today's public education I have to totally agree with you. As I see it today, public education is indoctrinating our children.
I hear you about IL political make up. I just moved here about 2 years ago, to escape MI economic issues, but landed in a state that is equally as blue.
Looks like I have my political work cut out for me here, too. LOL