Wednesday, April 14, 2010

50 State Health Care Repeal Initiative

A 50 state Health Care law repeal process is about to kick off this Sunday, April 18th 2010.
The grassroots effort will not just focus state by state but by congressional district by district.
Former Governor George Pataki is heading and leading this effort and will soon announce who will be the district coordinators of this project.

Today on Fox News with Megyn Kelly, Governor Pataki made the announcement.

I'm on board to restore OUR choice and OUR voice.
Are You???
Update to come.


Chris said...

I signed my states patition to repeal obamacare.

Unknown said...

Some liberal media types have been reporting that the call for repeal is becoming a dead issue with Republican in Washington. I'd say, as this video also says, that any one of those who are not on board to repeal this, during the primaries, will not get our vote.
It looks like the States have to take care of business. I know my rep in Washington is ready to repeal, though.