Saturday, February 25, 2012

An Apology from America to President Karzai

Now here is the message that SHOULD have been sent to President Karzai, over the accidental burning of the Koran, that has led to many more, unnecessary deaths of Americans by the hands of barbarians.

Along with the message to the Afghanistan President, is a message to Obama, and just how to do it RIGHT.

This is my message too!
Nice work, Kira Davis.


Silverfiddle said...

I love it! She's got my vote

Unknown said...

Hell of a state by the young lady. I can safely say she speaks for most American, who are not happy about the way President Obama sent his message to Karzai.
This is the real way it should have been done.

Unknown said...

Check that 'hell of a STATEMENT' :)

Amusing Bunni said...

This lady has it spot on!

That twit 0 should apologize to America for RUINING our country, and letting our brave service men and women die.

Next, he'll be apologizing for the 2 American Soldiers that those afgan animals murdered, they were in the way of their bullets. What a moron.

Unknown said...

Today the administration went to a VA mosque and laid out his “ apology for the burning of the Koran.”

Slams Catholics upside their heads with the HHS mandate, but goes to a mosque to say he's sorry about the Koran? What an ASSHAT