Monday, October 10, 2011

Project Gun Runner- They All Knew

And how couldn't they?

Ever wonder why this clip has not gotten more play?
According to Deputy Attorney General Ogden, Holder and the Obama Administration knew about operation Project Gun Runner as part of Fast & Furious


Silverfiddle said...

If this were a republican administration, they'd already be gone...

FIREBIRD said...

WOW This is the first time I've seen PROOF that Fast & Furious went all the way to the top - if you found this, why hasn't Daryl Issa found it?

Unknown said...

Silver, under the 111th, they would be in jail by now.

Firebird- Thats what I want to know, as like in my first sentence "Ever wonder why this clip has not gotten more play?"
Only thing I can think of is it's not widely known and those who do know, are expecting this video to be eventually pulled.... However, I have already downloaded it for safekeeping. :)