Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Passing of the Gavel

Today marked the start of the 112th US Congress.
And with it, some changes. I think for the better.
New House Speaker John Boehner, the 61st speaker of the House, took the Speakers Gavel from the notorious Nancy Pelosi and got down to business.

Like passing a new House rule package. 
The vote 240 Yea, 191 Nay
And it quickly trouncing Pay-Go which had a loop hole to allow new spending to be offset with tax hikes and replaced with Cut-Go that will require all new spending bills to be offset with other cuts in the budget.

Other new rules that were establish, with a new Constitutional focused House of Representatives, that bills would required be available to all Americans and members of congress for 72 hours before being voted on, require specific pre- and post-committee actions and require constitutional authority for any legislation introduced.

So, an end of a nightmare of an era comes to a close.

Something new for you.

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