Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kucinich says-Cut & Run

Dennis Kucinich said last night on the O'Reilly Factor that we should get out of Afghanistan now, because of the leaked secret Documents from WikiLeaks exposing the situation in that country, with fighting this war.
Does this sound like a setup PEOPLE?
He's worrying about the budget. HA, YEAH, RIGHT
On top of it, he is too chicken shit to say that the people at WikiLeaks should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Now that you've seen this pussy spew his liberal BS.
What about this from Kucinich:
"We have to start taking care of things back here at home."
What is THAT, congressmen, JOBS? YES. Your Party has had nearly 2 years to correct the unemployment situation in this country.
YOUR party has FAILED!
You succeeded to take over Auto manufacturers.
You've succeeded to take over Wall Street.
You've succeeded to take over Healthcare.
Youv'e succeeded to let oil spew in to the Gulf for nearly a third of the year.
AND Unemployment still above 8%
As a reminder to all who say we need to Cut & Run.
We for years and years decided to ignore Al-Qaeda
We ignore the Taliban.
We ignore the real threat of terrorist attack on our soil.
And the Dems said back then (as they do now) "We have to start taking care of things here at home."
Thats the Pre-9/11 mindset that brought you THIS!!!
If the Dems decided to retreat... IT'S ON THEIR WATCH, THEIR SHOULDERS, THEIR HEADS.
And we WILL be attacked again if we DO!!!!!!


Unknown said...

It just amazes me and how some in the federal government just don't give a damn about protecting this country. Cut & Run from AQ and the Taliban and securing our southern boarder!!!

Sue said...

Al-Qaeda is ALL OVER THE WORLD now, not Afghanistan. The Taliban has NO INTEREST in our country, SO.... What are we wasting money and American LIVES for???? NO WAY IS IT 9/11!! You rightwingers are delusional and your warmongering and fearmongering is what is taking our country DOWN!

Unknown said...

Yes they are all over the world AND in Pakistan, being protected by taliban tribal leaders.
Thats why we call it World Wide War on Terrorism, get it?
The Taliban have a BIG interest in our country. They defeated the Russians... Their goal, to defeat the US.
Do the Dems want that on their record?
My guess would be NOT.

When we defeat our enemies, that WILL do us harm, no amount of money is to much to protect OUR lives. Thats the Government responsibility.
Read Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution.
As for our solders, I know personally THEY ARE willing to defeat this enemy... AND I thank god each and every day for that...

WHO came here on 9/11.
In case you missed it, THAT WAS AN ACT OF WAR.
You lefties are so spooked by the events of 9/11 you just want to hide behind our boarders. WELL GUESS WHAT, our boarders DID'NT stop 9/11.

HA! Do you fear Al-Qaeda?
Because I don't, but it's a real threat to your and my life. If you haven't caught on yet since 9/11 you never will and you might as well join them.

Unknown said...

What is taking our country down is the policies and political activity of the know, those people that have control of the White House, Senate, and House, yet still blame the Republicans for stopping things from happening. You know, the left, the party of 'don't know'.

The party of peace, love, dope in the 6o's and 70's and now the party of hate.

Why blame the 'rightwingers' when the 'ultra most leftist' head up all three branches of government. Call them up and ask them to get off their dead asses and end the war.

The left seems to be OK with the Taliban getting back in power and murdering their people. Oh yeah, and to hell with womens rights over there, just stone 'em!

Warmongering/fearmongering, yep that's the Taliban.

Ray said...

I caught that too I'm a huge fan of Laura I. myself.

This Kucinich can beat my weenich as far as I'm concerned. I've always hated that little wuss and I swear I'm gonna vote as many times and many places as I can on election day to get these people out.

And this is how..

I'll go for any Chicagoans who can't I'm so freakin mad at this congress. I'm serious too, they don't check licenses they just look your freaking name up so every ten fake votes count with this group.

If we could assemble a solid 100 000 sized group I'd bet the Cap police would let us pass.

I know that's nutty stuff, but so is this mental congress. These people are Way off the ranch and so so out of touch they're mentally disturbed, and blind to the realities out here without a doubt Mark!!!!.

Chris said...

Poor Sue drank the Kool-aid on MSNBC. Too bad she is still blamming Bush and the Republicans for wars that Obama and the Democrats voted for and now want to elevate them. Sue if you want to stop a war start with the war on drugs first. That one hasn't worked yet and it's been going on for decades and cost us much more then these wars. Now go back to Soros' or MSNBC for your talking points on our responces to you.

Sue said...

I do not argue with righties cuz they are wrong on every issue and like talking to a brick wall. I will say, the Taliban has no interest in the US, they are not Al-Qaeda. You can enlist and put on a police uniform to go over there and police their actions if you must complain, but send home the innocents who don't want to fight these farcical wars anymore.

Unknown said...

Ray, where do I sign up bro. I'm in. :)

Unknown said...

Chris, well said my friend. She has obviously must have over dosed on the Kool-aid while reading the Daily MoveOn talking points... Like a broken record

Unknown said...

Sue, you have stepped in to, what I like to call, the hornets nest.
Point 1. "I do not argue with righties"
Counter point 1. But you came back to argue with righties... why is that?

Point 2. "cuz they are wrong on every issue "
Counter Point 2. PROVE me wrong, you haven't, you just claim us "Righties are wrong"

Point 3. "the Taliban has no interest in the US, they are not Al-Qaeda"
Counter point 3. They harbor them and support each other through Iranian and NK weapons funneling.
When Taliban-controlled Afghanistan they had previously established connections between the groups of AQ, administered with a shared militancy, and largely isolated from American political influence and military power—provided a perfect location for al-Qaeda to relocate its headquarters. Al-Qaeda enjoyed the Taliban's protection and a measure of legitimacy.
I invite you to read this.

You on the left seem to blame every thing that has happened over the past 15 year with this situation on people YOU think are "Warmongers" in the US.

However, this all started with the invasion of Afghanistan by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
See that "SOCIALIST".
Your Messiah-n-chief is one of them, a Socialist.
The very same ones who advocate control of industry and want a classless society begin this whole situation.
So we on the right aim to end it.
You don't like, get the hell out of the way.
We like to finish what THEY started on 9/11

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, Brick Wall here!
You say the 'Taliban has NO INTEREST in our country'!

How could you know this?
Are you a memeber of the Taliban?
Do you communicate with the Taliban?
Do you have a relative in the Taliban that has told you this?
What is your source?

Or is it just a typical 'feeling' that the left has, that it's all America's fault. You know, facts don't matter, just feelings and ideology.

This would be another good opportunity for your leader to go on another apology tour and kiss some more terrorist ass.