Friday, February 22, 2013

Push Back At Gun Control, Growing

Push back at the Federal Government for bringing the notion that gun control is the answer to our domestic violence problem, is getting MAJOR push back.
Not only from ordinary citizens, but even to the point that other states and county's are getting in the "Not going to enforce gun control laws, if they are deemed unconstitutional" fray.

Here are a number of Sheriffs who are saying "Fat Chance"


FIREBIRD said...

I have no problem with people, particularly on the left, who CHOOSE not to own a gun. I admire them for being willing to take one for the team. Personally, I prefer to use the best means available to protect myself and my family, and as long as we have people who follow the Constitution, that will be the case. Sure beats Nappy's solution, which was 'use scissors'

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

What the socialists did not consider, I believe, is that this issue and the support of the 2nd Amendment in general crosses all party lines and resides in all 50 states (or 57 states if you are Obama).

The MSM does not report, except on few occasions, where the 2nd Amendment has saved lives, property and prevented crime crime.

That stated I would take a guess that for every "mass shooting" event at a there are a hundreds or more cases of a legally armed civilian taking out criminals armed with ILLEGAL weapons, which are then out of street circulation.

As most in the know realize is this is about government control and nothing else. But again, this particular "government" did not count on opposition to this gun grab from within its own ranks.

Unknown said...

I agree, Firebird. If anyone chooses not to own a firearm, more power to them. The problem with the left is, they feel if they choose not to have one, we all should be of the same frame of mind. Then push thru legislation to try and force us under their thinking.

Christopher- Nail on the head with that statement. I truly believe THEY think that when it comes to local law enforcement, that they will have no other choice but to fall in line with whatever law they try to pass. It's turning out its not what they had thought.
The MSM is, however, falling right in line and misrepresenting facts with outright lies and deception. As they did with the 2012 election, they'll edit the facts to suit the socialist agenda.