Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Planned Parenthood Attacks Romney

In the following Planned Parenthood Action Fund video, just release today, the PPAC attacks Mitt Romney and his campaign, with a misleading statements, that can only be viewed as a half assed attempt to sway women to not vote for Romney.

The PPAC proceeds to put words in Romney's mouth.

First the video- 

You've got to wonder who is the fact finder for this piece, anyways.

First off, in the interview with KSDK-TV in Missouri, when Romney mentioned that "Planned Partenthood, get rid of that", Romney was referring to getting rid of some subsidies if we have to borrow money from China to fund them.

You can see that whole interview (raw footage) here.

PP claimed Romney wants to get rid of cancer screening and birth control
Over course, he never did said that...

Second, as for their claim that Romney "... would deny women the right to make their own medical decisions" (From the ABC  New Hampshire debate on 1/7/2012) Once again, he never said THAT
He was referring to working towards overturning Roe v. Wade. Saving a human life.

Lastly: "Putting your paycheck at risk” Back in March, his campaign was asked about Lilly Ledbetter Act, and whether he would support the new law, by the Huffington Post, and Romney's campaign aid said “we’ll get back with you on that”, well THAT means they are unfamiliar with the act.
Granted, they never did, but putting your paycheck at risk??? 
Obama has done a fine job of putting your paycheck at risk.

I mean come on Planned Parenthood,  Let’s Be Honest Here.


FIREBIRD said...

It's getting funny to watch the Obama machine begin to panic. Every piece of krap they lob at Romney is failing to stick - this war on women is the best they've got, and Romney has the best counter - his wife Ann....

(BTW - it's getting harder and harder to SEE these letters we have to type to verify)

Silverfiddle said...

Obama is losing women voters to Romney, and it scares the left. Imagine, after all the demagoguery.

The hooting loonies have not yet begun to go batsh*t. It's going to be an entertaining election season.

AdamsPatriot said...

Honesty is not the liberal way Mark.

When you don't really have any basis of reality to select from, liberals make stuff up.

Interesting though, when liberals point to a made up negative aspect about their opponent, they have actually pointed the finger straight back at themselves.

Unknown said...

Firebird, every step the left has taken to garner support, has ended up in them having stepped in to a quagmire.
(FYI, I have been meaning to do away with the verification requirement. Thanks for letting me know)

Unknown said...

Kurt, if this is the best they can do, they've lost their edge (thank god).
The left have taken a clear understanding of issues and continue to turn in to a perceived notion and delusionment.
It's getting old. Most woman I know see right thru the lefts attempt to be deceitful.

Unknown said...

Yep, you're right AP. I should have know. LOL

I commented on the video on You Tube they posted, yesterday. I am still waiting on their "approval" to post the comment.... 24 hours later, still not approved. (I really didn't expect them to allow other opinions to be read.)

FIREBIRD said...

Re: Verification - I use the 'comment moderation' - that catches spam and you can keep stuff OFF your page before it ever gets there - I've had one spam comment, and I've never NOT posted a comment, no matter how vile or stupid it was

Unknown said...

Most likely what I will do, now that I have remove verification requirements, is let one go thru (if it happens), and then re-institute verification.
Sometimes I am not around here enough to release comments for approval and don't want folks comments to be held in check, so they are expressing their opinion immediately.

I don't blame you for moderating.
I have had some pretty hateful comments from the left here and let them go through, (just so folks can see their demeanor) unless they break the one rule I have "Abuse of other commentators will not be tolerated.
Any demeaning form of comment will constitute removal of comment."