Saturday, March 24, 2012

Breaking- Zimmerman Maybe Innocent

A report out of Tampa Bay's Fox affiliate has reported that there is a witness to the killing of Trayvon Martin and based on this witness interview with that local affiliate, it wasn't Zimmerman who was the aggressor, but Martin.

Details, however, are still a little fuzzy and once the Florida state attorney general and grand jury looks at all of this, we are still to scratch our heads on exactly what took place that fateful night.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Such events always involve confusion in the aftermath hence "investigation's".

It does not help that the MSM, race baiter's and the current administration (all liberal) jump to their obvious conclusions at the drop of a dime not bothering to wait for said investigation's.

This jumping is not limited however and unfortunately, to liberals and or the MSM in the wake of this story but rather repeated on some right leaning blogs and news outlets and that spells bad news for our side and the 2nd Amendment.

Thanks for the update to a story whose facts have yet to be fully revealed.

Silverfiddle said...

If it's dark and someone chases you down, would you attack them? I would.

Zimmerman was the aggressor, as the cell phone recording reveals in his own words.

Too bad that kid didn't kick Zimmerman's head in.

Silverfiddle said...

And Christopher, gun-wielding idiots driving around playing cop wannabe are the ones doing damage to our second amendment rights.

Anonymous said...

Well said silver fiddle

AdamsPatriot said...

The end of the video says Zimmerman went back to his car and Martin chased him down.

In any event, the conclusion has already been drawn by those who desperatly want a 'white' racist to go after.

But do you hear of the $10,000 bounty on Zimmermans head by the New Black Panther racist group?

When explaining their meaning of the bounty they describe it as an 'eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'. In any language that is a death threat.

In a quote: "Muhammad said members of his group would search for Zimmerman themselves in Maitland and Jacksonville -- where the 28-year old worked before the shooting, employees there told the Orlando Sentinel. But he declined to say when they will begin their hunt.

Muhammad said the group's national chairman, Dr. Malik Zulu Shabaz of Washington, D.C. is receiving donations from black entertainers and athletes. They hope to collect $1 million by next week, Muhammad said"

Yet, every one is silent on those racists.

If the KKK announced the hunt and potential killing of a black man they would be rounded up and hauled off to jail.

Yes, there should be a investigation, but the President has made his position known as did many other racists in our country!

Unknown said...

Kurt/Anon, I am not saying this thing goes another way. We have fact one way (call) and what now appears to be fact another.

Chasing / Following, does not give you the right to turn and attack.
What we don't know is, was Zimmerman heading back to his car, and based on the eyewitness, it was Martin on top of Zimmerman. And based on the law down there, if you feel your life is in danger (or is under attack), you can take lethal action.

I am not saying Zimmermans is innocent. I am saying there is more to this then the big wigs in the press have reported. It took a local affiliate to get this piece of information that is showing more evidence and the reason the cops didn't charge Zimmerman right out of the gate.

I don't rush to judgement, like the New Black Panther Party is now calling for their own justice. Is that right??

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

RE; Silver,

"If it's dark and someone chases you down, would you attack them? I would".

Thats the point according to this witness, Zimmerman did not "attack" while following this guy but rather the shoe was on the other foot and he was attacked upon retreat and did exactly, again according to this account, what you state you would do.

By the by, are you saying that any law abiding citizen with a CCW who happens to be part of a Neighborhood Watch Program that is registered with the local policing agency is a or are "gun-wielding idiots driving around playing cop wannabe"?

If so, you may, change that, will get many an argument to the opposite from the NRA, multiple police agencies and least not would be victims.

My bottom line remains even with this news is that ALL, to and including myself, WAIT until all the rocks have been turned over before jumping to conclusions, period.

Robinsolana said...

The mainstream media and their usual rush to judgement when it comes to accusing, threatening, deeming guilty before we know the facts isn’t anything new…but the case of Trayvon Martin has been beyond belief and beneath contempt from what we’ve seen so far when it comes to the race-baiting hustlers like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson,NAACP’s Ben Jealous, Black Panthers, the CBC, Color of Change via Media Matters and of course Dear Leader and his side-kick AG Holder inserting themselves ect etc!
This is mob mentality, no doubt about it. They dont care if Zimmerman acted in self-defense or not, and I am not saying that he was. However in America we all get our day in court, we do not live by mod rule. they want whitey and thats the way it really is.
Zimmerman will walk if indeed the witness swears what he saw. So instead , they will not only go after Zimmerman, regardless of the truth, but try to change the gun laws as well.
If the Black Panthers get their way, then by God, we are living in dangerous times..

Unknown said...

Robinsolana, All good points made there. I think that if this witness is deemed an asset to Zimmermans defense of guilt, to quite the national uproar based on the original MSM reports that lack this new evidence, they'll find something to charge him with. Thats what the left wants. His day in the court of public opinion.
We'll see how this all plays out with the State attorney general.

Unknown said...

Christopher, I would also say if this does prove Zimmerman was under attack, then the 2nd amendment worked.

Chris said...

It makes me sick the way the media and black leaders are making this into proof that America and whites are dangerous racists. Where are these progressives when a black on black crime happens? The number one killer of young black men is another black man. These progressives are dancing on Trayvon's grave with their divide and concer racial activism.

Unknown said...

They are also using this kids death to call him a martyr, (by Jackson)

Then Spike Lee retweets one of this clowns 102 tweets of Zimmermans address.