Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ron Paul Supporters- Hardcore Dedication-ist

Ron Paul supporter are truly individuals who share common intent of voting for no GOP candidate other than Ron Paul.  OK that is understandable... in the primaries.

However, they say, if Ron Paul is not to be the Republican nominee, their sincere hope is that Congressman Paul would then run as a 3rd Party candidate, even if it meant splitting some of the Republican vote.
Such a scenario would greatly enhance Barack Obama’s chances of being re-elected in 2012, as history as proven from the Bush Sr/Bill Clinton/Ross Perot presidential election, but they hold firm to their apparent conviction that Ron Paul, and Ron Paul alone, represents the best interests of American conservatism. 

While I admire their dedication of his political convictions, the attitude leaves me with questions of the true intent of someone professing to be a conservative but at the same time expressing willingness to allow perhaps the most leftist Big Government liberal to ever occupy the White House another four years.

Ron Paul himself gave a recent and quite clear indication he would not consider running as a 3rd party candidate.  Congressman Paul awareness that to do so would quite possibly result in Barack Obama being a two-term president. A scenario it seems Mr. Paul is unwilling to participate in. But so many of his own supporters have indicated their strong conviction to do just that- Run on a 3rd ticket. 
Many Paul supporters have expressed to me that if he is not the nominee and doesn't run on a 3 party candidacy, they will sit out the 2012 elections.

Are his supporters aware there is ongoing discussion within the Libertarian movement of whether or not Mr. Paul is seen as one of the big Government liberals when it comes to foreign policy support for gay marriage and drug legalization. As well as supporting state-approved abortions??

Granted, each of these issues are, through the prism of Ron Paul’s views, are state rights issues, and so still earns him a smaller federal government street credential, but the fact he supports such seemingly anti-conservative values should give at least some Ron Paul supporters pause.

Paul wishes to see homosexuals openly serving in the United States military. Paul supports the legalization of almost all forms of pornography and prostitution.  Ron Paul places no value in God and faith within the context of society’s morals, yet on his own website he then gives a strong declaration of personal faith in Jesus Christ and America’s “God-given rights”.

Would Ron Paul supporters rather see Barack Obama win a second term as President of the United States than say, Herman Cain, or Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney?
And if so, is it quite possible that some within the Ron Paul camp are in fact, Obama operatives pushing for that very scenario?

Finally, please note that I am a supporter of many of Ron Paul’s domestic policy ideas and am pleased to see him helping to focus the national conversation on the subjects of limited government and fiscal responsibility.  I would gladly vote for him for president over Barack Obama. I do not consider Congressman Paul to be the ideal candidate. Far from it!
But would it be to much to simply ask Ron Paul followers to do the same if he is not the nominee?

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