Thursday, August 18, 2011

Looks Like Blacks ARE Turning Against 'B'

On Chris's Bonsai From the Right blog today he posted this piece titled Obama is screwing the Black Community and they're tired of it.

And of course, Chris without question nails it "Right" on the target.
So taking his lead on this subject, I present Felonious Munk, who speaks on the economic state of America and RIPS Obama a new one at the same time....


I find this more funny than anything, but it speaks at how everyday Americans are feeling right about now.


Teresa said...

That was one righteous rant! He makes a lot of good points. I'm glad that blacks are now stepping up and challenging Obama's policies and record.

Chris said...

When the blacks get pissed and bail the Obama camp it wont be pritty. I've heard from some of my black friends and neighbors that even the black pastors are railing against Obama and what he has done to the black community. It's time that people look at the effects of what the Democratic Party has done, rather then look at what they say were their intentions.

I pray that when blacks come out of the ether they blame the party that did this to them and look to the Republican Party that creates jobs rather thern paying them off for their votes.

AdamsPatriot said...

Reasonable people will do reasonable things, but not all the time and in all situations.

I had a very intelligent well educated financially sound black female client who voted for Obama last time strickly on the premise that what she thought he could do with America engaging in global markets.

We discussed his socialist policies and what he has done to America, and I could not believe the stupid crap that came out of her mouth. She sounded like she was speaking about her culture rather than America at large. I lost all respect for her.

Generally speaking a liberal, socialist, or a person who desires to sponge off the government will vote for a Democrat/liberal/socialist/communist type whether they are happy with him or mad at him.

Discouraged, some will simply stay away from voting.

While I do expect that some people who voted for him last time (because of the historical factor, because of race, or because of white guilt)will not vote for him this time.

But culture is a hard thing to change. No matter what your race is, if you are not conservative, never have been conservative, never had a thought like a conservative then you'll vote for the person who is most likely to give you what you 'personally' want, which may not be what is in the 'best interest of the country'.

Blacks will be vociferous, perhaps just to get his attention. But in the end, in the voting booth, will they check the box that DOESN'T say Obama?

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

This one is making the rounds for good reason, the man is right!

Unknown said...

Righteous rant indeed, Teresa. I got so pumped after that rant I almost high fived my monitor. :)

Chris, your post inspired this one. And yes, they are turning on Obama.
I watched the O'Reily Factor last night, and Laura Ingraham (filling in) was asking Rangel about what Obama has done for the intercity blacks folks the last two years and Rangel just dodged the question by bring up Bush and then 112th Congress. I mean it was realllly sad to see this disgraced Dem act even more disgraceful.

AP- It's amazing how you can first think so highly of someone, like your client and then get let down by her lack of REAL intelligence. To me, if she voted for Obama because of his skin color, I am wondering if she and other blacks never caught Dr Martin Luther Kings 'I have a Dream' speech.

D'man nails it, Christopher, right out from the gate!!!

Z said...

when I posted that video, my leftists didn't respond .......BIG SURPRISE, huh? :-)

Unknown said...

Z, they can't. They're dumbfounded in amazement.
I use to have leftists here, but I chased them away. :))

Reaganite Independent said...

Obama is truly Black America's worst enemy-

Ray Rey said...

As a black man living in a black city I see how Obama has fucked blacks for the whites. The black man always gets fucked even when the white man is half black. Af-Am are getting real tired of this shit in America. I don't think the Af-Am will take much more. Detroit is more then half out of work. No one wants to hire blacks any more.