Wednesday, December 8, 2010

House Just Rewarded Illegal Behavior

The House of Representatives has just passed the so-called "DREAM Act' amnesty bill, 216-195. The battle against this legislative monstrosity now moves to the Senate, where Harry Reid has postponed their vote until tomorrow. No time has been announced. 

With this, 8 Reps- Yea, 38 Dems- Nye.

Sad how they put the results of illegal behavior above giving all Americans some vision of what their tax rates will be.

Harry 'Ass' Reid will rush this piece of shit bill through the Senate and on Obama desk before Monday, I would bet.

This Administration and the 111th congress cares nothing of the well being and prosperity of those Americans who want jobs, but instead look to future votes.

And just another law the House will have to try and repeal after Jan 1.

The scorched earth agenda by the Dems, as I predicted months ago, is taking place before your very eyes.

----------------------------Update with Video---------------------------

Speaker Pelosi compared passing the DREAM Act to our Founding Fathers winning their independence...... Holy Shit! Does she really think our founders were the product of illegal behavior?


Anonymous said...

Quick question. Who signed legislation into law that rewarded illegal behavior? You know anyone? Bueller Bueller??

here's a hint...

Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986

co-written by Republican Alan Simpson.

Unknown said...

Now, now, Joe, we mustn’t forget about Romano Mazzoli(D-Kentucky)
Thought you lefties like the Feds going after businesses and those who hire illegal’s. Now you don't?
Flip Flop time.
Don't like either bill nor law on this subject.

Unknown said...

“They flocked to our shores. And when they came, they come with their hopes, their optimism for a better future…. They made America more American…”

WTF? Those that flocked here, did so by legal means, knowing this was a land of freedom, but knowing this was a land of LAWS and to abide by them.
I am all for people who want to come to this country, to do so.
But this is not right.
What about those who are waiting to come here and to become citizens. They just got shoved to the back of the line by Nanny Pelosi and the Dems.
They just slapped the face of those who are waiting to come here “with their hopes, their optimism for a better future”